64 Y/O Executive Director Of College Sex Tortured Young Female Staff !! Video Goes Viral !!

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Executive Director of SNS College of Arts and Science sexually harassed a woman is captured and the woman’s Whatsapp conversation with the chief executive of the College who is also the son of the accused goes viral on Internet.

23 year old Kavitha* (Name changed) belongs to Saravanampettai which is located next to Coimbatore. She worked as an Office worker at SNS college of Art & Science which is placed in the same area. Subramanyam is an Exutive Director of the college where she  is working.

SNS College Chairman – Alleged Sex torture

He allegedly kept of hugging and kissing the young female staffs of the college. He sexually harassed many female workers for past two years as per the report in One India. 

Most of the female workers hesitated to reveal his sex tortures and left their jobs concerning their family situations. He also tortured Kavitha sexually for past two years.

WhatsApp Chat

Meanwhile her conversation with Subramaniyam’s son and Chief executive of the college Nalin surfaced. In the conversation she complained about his father’s activities and it is also evident that she says “I have been silent only because of the hope you gave me”.

“Yesterday also you told me to say that I’m not the one in the video. If anything happens to me, it is only because of you and your father. There is no use of me living my life.”

Nalin’s Reply

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