We’re talking of habitation on moon, Mars…we have to know how to adapt: ISRO chief K Sivan

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ISRO Chairman DR.K.Sivan in new delhi on friday.Express photo by Anil Sharma.18.01.2019

The direct benefit is the microgravity experiments. We will be carrying out a lot of experiments, some of them in the fields of medicine and agriculture, which will be different in a micro-gravity environment. These will give us a lot of inputs. It will change the whole medical field, everything will change, it will tell us how to create plants and fruits in the shortest time. We need a microgravity environment for long duration and that we can do probably once a satellite is in orbit.

Is this a one-off human space flight mission or are there going to be more in the future? What is the vision?

This is only the first phase. After that maybe we will enhance it to more number of durations. We will create a small space habitat, with that we can stay there (space) for 30-40 days. From that, we can enhance and create a space station from which we can access the moon and other places.

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