‘Foreigner’ Khali campaigning for BJP candidate, Trinamool tells EC

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The Trinamool has filed a complaint with the Election Commission against BJP’s Jadavpur Lok Sabha candidate Anupam Hazra for engaging WWE wrestler Khali in his campaign, saying that the wrestler is an American citizen.

Khali, whose real name is Dalip Singh Rana, reached Kolkata earlier the week and campaigned for Mr. Hazra. He was present when Mr. Hazra filed his nomination. He later attended Mr. Hazra’s campaign too.

In a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer of West Bengal, the Trinamool’s lawyer said “a foreigner should not be allowed to influence the minds of the Indian electors”.  The BJP said it was an attempt to misguide voters.

A controversy had erupted over popular Bangladeshi actor Ferdous Ahmed allegedly campaigning for a Trinamool Congress candidate.

Upon receiving a report about visa violations by the actor, the Ministry of Home Affairs cancelled his visa and issued him a notice to leave the country.

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