Princess Haya Bint al Hussein’s lust on sex is like a wild horse

Haya Bint al Hussein
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Princess had slept with at least two of her former bodyguards while during her student life, she was regularly sleeping with classmates as well as having several “friends of benefit”.

Princess Haya Bint al Hussein, the sixth junior wife of Dubai ruler Sheikh Muhammed Rashid al Maktoum went through breast implant surgery to change the size, shape, and contour of her breasts with the desire of getting extended attention of those men she wanted in her bed. Princess Haya Bint al Hussein also reportedly forces her men to take medicines such as Tadalafil, so that Haya could have sexual intercourse for hours with them. Seeking anonymity, one of her former male staffs said, “Her sexual behavior is as wild as a horse and she desperately loves enjoying sex for hours. During her younghood, Princess Haya Bint al Hussein had joined drugs and orgy parties, while she has in the past slept with two men at the same time. Her London house has long been turned into the center of sexual perversion”.

He said, “For a Princess and the wife of the Dubai ruler, Haya’s attitudes and behaviors are not only openly shameful but she even never hesitates in using vibrators while having sex with her man. It’s worst than any porn star”.

Princess Haya Bint al Hussein has been spending hundreds and thousands of dollars each year towards keeping her physical fitness and looking sexy in the eyes of the men. At home, she would mostly wear alluring attires and spends lavishly on buying extremely sexy lingerie and bikinis. Her husband, Sheikh Maktoum has on a number of occasions had complained her of behaving like a cheap whore.

Commenting on Princess Haya Bint al Hussein’s habit of forcing her man in taking sex-prolonging drugs, a source said, the Jordanian princess had also been taking drugs such as white sugar, cocaine, and opium on a regular basis. “She is a drug addict since her childhood and her husband had once contacted a psychiatrist from the West in treating her.

Although there is a sharp rumor about Princess Haya Bint al Hussein desperation in marrying her former bodyguard-turned-lover Russell Flowers immediately after divorcing Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum, a source within her inner circle said it is most unlikely as Russell Flowers may not finally marry her considering the potential threats on his life. Flowers was willing to maintain the relations only when Haya Bint al Hussein was successfully cheating on her husband.

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