A tribal school comes into world’s spotlight

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A screenshot of Greta Thunberg’s Facebook page.

Pictures of climate strike goes viral

The Government Tribal School in Idinjar, located in the hill ranges of the capital district, came into the world’s spotlight after young Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg shared images of the ‘climate strike’ at the school on Friday in her official Facebook page.

The ‘Fridays for Future – climate strike’ is a global movement of school students who take time off from their classes on Fridays to take part in public rallies and demonstrations demanding action to arrest global warming and climate change. Ms.Thunberg had initiated the movement by protesting outside the Swedish Parliament last week.

The images of the ‘climate strike’ at the Idinjar school, shared by her on Friday evening, garnered as many as 12,000 likes within a couple of hours.

“We chose the Idinjar school for the event because it is situated in a region which is vulnerable to climate change. During the last year’s floods too, the place had witnessed landslips and flooding,” said Bharath, of the NGO

‘The Earth Foundation,’ which organised the event.

The students were asked to share their own ideas of climate change , after being given a brief introduction on climate strike.

They spoke about the after-effects of the afforestation drive in the region using acacia trees, which has led to water scarcity and man-animal conflicts. The students also talked about the need for waste management system at their school. Students from classes V to IX participated in the event. They have been asked to prepare a ‘My sustainable diary,’ on the sustainable practices of their tribal families.

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