News: Usha Martin, its MD arraigned in graft case against ex-CBI SP

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Usha Martin Limited and its managing director, Rajeev Jhawar, have also been arraigned in the case in which the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested its retired Superintendent of Police, N.M.P. Sinha, on a graft charge.

Among those named in the FIR are chartered accountant Vinay Jalan, his son Parth and Usha Martin’s authorised signatory Raj Kumar Kapur.

The FIR alleges that Mr. Sinha conspired with the other accused persons to receive bribe in lieu of the favours extended to them in another case registered against Usha Martin and others in 2016, which pertained to an iron ore mining lease.

Mr. Sinha was the supervisory officer of the 2016 case before his retirement on August 31. As alleged, Mr. Jalan had assured the accused persons that, through his contacts in the CBI, he would ensure a favourable outcome.

According to the agency, Mr. Sinha met Mr. Jalan at a Delhi hotel on September 23. During the meeting, the latter asked his son to prepare a reply to the summons issued by the CBI to Usha Martin and also asked him to meet Mr. Sinha on his next visit.

“There was a demand of ₹50 lakh from the accused company through the chartered accountant. The CBI laid a trap. The chartered accountant and the former official were arrested on October 3. The alleged bribe money of ₹25 lakh was seized from Mr. Sinha’s residence,” said an official.

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