Lenovo launches Legion 9i gaming laptop with self-contained liquid cooling in India | Details

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Lenovo, a prominent global technology brand, has introduced the Legion 9i, a 16-inch gaming laptop in the Indian market. This cutting-edge laptop is equipped with a self-contained liquid-cooling system and features a forged carbon A-cover. Priced starting at Rs 449,990, the Legion 9i is now available for purchase.

Tailored for gamers and creators with demanding graphic workflows, the Legion 9i weighs 2.56 kg and boasts a 13th Gen Intel Core ‘i9-13980HX’ processor. It also offers up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU and 32GB of overclocked 6400Mhz DDR5 Dual Channel RAM.

Ashish Sikka, Director of Category and Strategy at Lenovo India, highlighted the Legion 9i as the first laptop in the Lenovo Legion ecosystem to feature an integrated liquid-cooling system, powered by Lenovo’s proprietary second-generation LA 2 AI chip.

The Legion 9i’s display includes variable refresh rates of up to 165Hz, featuring vibrant DCI-P3 and sRGB color fidelity with pre-installed X-Rite software, specifically tuned for both gamers and creators. Additionally, the Tobii Horizon software offers gearless head tracking, enhancing the gaming experience, while the substantial 99.99Whr battery supports extended gaming sessions.

For an extra edge in games, the Legion 9i comes equipped with ‘Nahimic by SteelSeries 3D’, providing immersive 3D audio. Like other Legion and LOQ laptops, the Legion 9i comes with Windows 11, and purchasers also receive a 3-month access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Legion Arena, according to the company’s statement.

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