Tragic Turn of Events: Chilling Details Emerge in Bengaluru CEO’s Alleged Murder of Son

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In a harrowing turn of events, chilling details have surfaced surrounding the alleged murder of a four-year-old boy, perpetrated by his own mother, the CEO of a Bengaluru-based AI startup. Suchana Seth, 39, the CEO of The Mindful AI Lab, stands accused of committing the gruesome crime in a Goa hotel. Shockingly, she then transported her son’s lifeless body to Karnataka before being apprehended.

The sinister act reportedly unfolded as a desperate attempt to thwart her estranged husband’s court-sanctioned visitation rights. Divorce proceedings between Seth and her husband were underway, and a court order had granted him the right to meet their son every Sunday—an arrangement that allegedly fueled Seth’s unhappiness and led to the horrifying incident.

The tragedy came to light when hotel staff in Goa discovered red stains in the room vacated by Seth. Suspicion arose as she had checked in with her son but left the premises alone. When prompted about her son’s whereabouts, Seth claimed he was staying at a friend’s place. However, investigations revealed the provided address to be fictitious, triggering concerns.

The local police, alerted by the hotel staff, swiftly intervened, contacting the taxi driver Seth had hired for her journey back to Bengaluru. Through the driver, the police engaged with Seth and inquired about her son. Unconvinced by her response, they requested the driver to bring the car to the station for inspection. The grim discovery unfolded as the police found the lifeless body of the young boy in the luggage.

In the ongoing investigation, North Goa’s Superintendent of Police, Nidhin Valson, revealed that Seth cited a troubled relationship with her husband and the distress caused by the court order during the initial inquiry. The motive behind the alleged murder is yet to be confirmed, pending a thorough review of the court order.

This heart-wrenching incident serves as a stark reminder of the complexities within personal relationships and the potential for tragic outcomes. The legal proceedings and investigations will shed further light on the circumstances surrounding this devastating event.

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