Centre Announces Measures to Address Kerala’s Man-Animal Conflict: Geo-Tagging, Increased Funding

Environment and Forest Minister Bhupender Yadav held a meeting with officers and public representatives in Wayanad about the incidents of human-animal conflict.
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Union Environment and Forest Minister Bhupender Yadav visited Wayanad in response to recent fatal animal attacks, where he outlined steps to manage the human-wildlife conflict in Kerala.

During a meeting with officials and public representatives in Wayanad, Bhupender Yadav addressed the surge in animal attacks, including the recent deaths of three individuals. He announced that compensation from the central government for victims’ families has been raised from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs and emphasized the need for expedited disbursement.

Clarifying the state’s authority, Yadav stated that Kerala doesn’t require permission from the Centre to address problematic wild animals. Under the Wildlife Act 1972, Section 11, the chief wildlife warden possesses adequate powers to handle such situations. However, he urged caution and prudence in exercising this authority.

In light of recent fatalities involving elephants and a tiger, Yadav underscored the importance of balancing animal and human safety. To address the human-wildlife conflict, the Centre has augmented compensation and funding under various schemes, allocating Rs 15.80 crore to Kerala.

Yadav outlined additional measures, including the implementation of an early warning system and the geo-tagging of animals using modern technology. These initiatives aim to enhance monitoring and awareness, potentially through community radio programs.

Furthermore, plans are underway to establish a common interstate wildlife corridor encompassing Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, facilitating coordinated conservation efforts across state borders.

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