NCP Leader Praful Patel Slams Opposition for ‘Politics Over Dead Bodies’ Following Delhi Airport Collapse

Delhi airport roof collapse, Praful Patel
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NCP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Praful Patel has sharply criticised the opposition for playing “politics over dead bodies” in the aftermath of a tragic incident at Delhi airport’s Terminal 1. A portion of the roof covering a car park collapsed after heavy rains on Friday, resulting in the death of one person and injuries to eight others.

Expressing his condolences to the bereaved family and wishing a speedy recovery for the injured, Mr. Patel addressed the incident in an interview with NDTV. He highlighted that the structure, built during his tenure as Union Aviation Minister, was constructed by Larsen & Toubro, a highly reputed company.

The building in question was inaugurated in 2009 when the Congress-led UPA government was in power, and the NCP was led by Sharad Pawar. However, the NCP experienced a split last year when Ajit Pawar, Sharad Pawar’s nephew, led a rebellion and joined the BJP-led NDA, with Mr. Patel among the defectors.

Officials reported that the roof sheet and support beams of Terminal 1 collapsed at 5:30 am, resulting in one fatality, eight injuries, and damage to four parked cars. The government announced a compensation of ₹20 lakh for the deceased’s family and ₹3 lakh for each injured person.

Speaking to NDTV, Mr. Patel expressed his sorrow over the accident, describing the structure as a significant public building. He emphasized the need for a comprehensive audit to determine the cause of the collapse, noting the extensive usage the building had undergone since its construction 15 years ago. He also mentioned that future buildings should incorporate new-age materials alongside traditional ones.

Mr. Patel agreed with the opposition’s call for a full inquiry into the incident but condemned the political blame game that ensued. “Politics over dead bodies is something I don’t like. All should be concerned with the loss of lives,” he stated.

Earlier, Ram Mohan Naidu, the recently appointed Aviation Minister, visited Delhi airport and assured reporters that the national regulator, DGCA, would investigate the collapse. He also promised full refunds for passengers affected by the closure of Terminal 1, with all flights from the terminal being cancelled.

Mr. Patel’s remarks came in response to Congress leaders Mallikarjun Kharge and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who had accused the Modi government of corruption and negligence leading to the collapse. Mr. Naidu countered these claims, clarifying that Prime Minister Modi had inaugurated a different building, not the one that collapsed.

In summary, the tragic collapse at Delhi airport has sparked a fierce political debate, with Praful Patel urging all parties to prioritize the loss of lives over political point-scoring.

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