Jwala Gutta Criticizes Samantha Ruth Prabhu Over Alternative Medical Procedures

Badminton player Jwala Gutta comments on the ongoing war of words between actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu and hepatologist-medical influencer Cyriac Abby Philips aka The Liver Doc.
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Indian badminton star Jwala Gutta has raised serious concerns about the responsibilities tied to alternative medical treatments promoted by celebrities. Her comments are directed at actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu and her doctor, following a controversial endorsement by the actor.

The Controversy Unfolds

A recent online dispute involving actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu and hepatologist Cyriac Abby Philips, popularly known as The Liver Doc, has caught significant public attention. The debate began when Samantha recommended nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and distilled water as an alternative treatment for viral infections in a social media post. The Liver Doc harshly criticized her for promoting unscientific and potentially dangerous medical practices, suggesting she could face jail time in a more progressive society for such claims.

Jwala Gutta’s Strong Message

Jwala Gutta entered the fray with a pointed question on X (formerly Twitter). She asked whether Samantha or her doctor would take responsibility for any fatalities resulting from these alternative treatments. Gutta wrote, “My only question to the celeb who’s prescribing medicine to the huge number of people who are following her… I understand the intention is to help… But… just in case… just in case the prescription doesn’t help and causes a fatality… will you be taking responsibility too? Will the doctor who you have tagged also take the responsibility?”

Voices from the Industry

In the midst of this heated debate, Telugu-Tamil actor-director Rahul Ravindran suggested that The Liver Doc should engage in a debate with the prescribing doctor rather than targeting Samantha. Ravindran expressed concern that attacking the actor publicly could inadvertently make her a target for an opinionated mob. He proposed that The Liver Doc should challenge the doctors and organizations promoting these alternative treatments.

Samantha’s Response

Reacting to the backlash, Samantha issued a detailed statement. She explained that she found treatments that worked for her through a process of trial and error. Samantha acknowledged the criticism and promised to be more careful with medical advice in the future. Her response garnered support from various celebrities, including Varun Dhawan, Rhea Chakraborty, and Manchu Lakshmi. Meanwhile, three-time Grammy Award-winning composer Ricky Kej sided with The Liver Doc but criticized his harsh language.

The Liver Doc’s Stand

Despite Samantha’s statement, The Liver Doc remained firm in his stance, accusing her of repeatedly endorsing unscientific and pseudoscientific treatments. He dismissed her explanation as playing the victim card and reiterated that she has a history of spreading healthcare misinformation.


This controversy highlights the critical issue of responsibility when it comes to promoting medical treatments, especially by public figures. The debate raises important questions about the accountability of celebrities and their advisors in endorsing health-related information. As the conversation continues, it underscores the need for careful consideration and scientific validation in public health recommendations.

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