SNS College Of Technology: Engineering Education With a Rich Blend Of Resources

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Dr. S.N. Subramanian M.Tech., Ph.D., MBA., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

It is gratifying to note that Dr. SNS College of Education aims to develop multifarious skills among the trainee teachers as well as the teacher educators. It is firmly believed that the quality of teachers in educational institutions determines the eventual quality of education. The teacher for the 21st century should have the ability to ensure cognitive and affective development of the students and create in them a value system. Hence, high quality teacher educators are the need of the hour. The college has taken notable strides in the direction of empowering teachers for treating children, with special needs has become a well regulated programme in the college. My best wishes to principal staff and students for doing a commendable task.

In today’s world the role of unique professional education is boundless. With a motive of recognition to our credit, we started Dr.SNS College of education in the year 2007. Our specialized infrastructure, best teaching staff, modern teaching methods, and the network of other latest facilities, discipline and culture are the features that make Dr.SNS College of education differently different from others. Our students come from different parts of the country and when they leave, they are global citizens and lead from the front. I extend my best wishes for your joining Dr.SNS College of Education.

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