Air Canada pilot suspended for anti-Israel posts, wearing pro-Palestine colours

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Air Canada removed a Montreal-based first officer from active duty after he allegedly wore pro-Palestinian colors while in uniform and posted derogatory comments against Israel on social media, The Toronto Sun reported.

First Officer Mostafa Ezzo, was allegedly seen wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh while on duty, leading to concerns among passengers and the airline, as the Israel-Hamas war continues to escalate.

“The pilot was taken out of service as of yesterday,” Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick told The Toronto Sun on Tuesday.

Air Canada pilot was suspended from duty because of his profane posts on social media against Israel.

While Ezzo remains employed by the airline, he is currently grounded and placed on an internal no-fly list by Air Canada.

His social media accounts, which contained the contentious posts, have since been taken down.

Concerns were raised about the pilot’s involvement in promoting a pro-Palestine rally in Montreal, with a post featuring a caption reading “F*** you Israel, burn in hell.” Another post labeled Israel a “terrorist state” and expressed pride in Hitler.

The airline authorities said that Ezzo’s opinions and social media activities do not align with Air Canada’s views, leading to his suspension. Air Canada has assured that an investigation is underway into the matter.

The airline also clarified that it “firmly denounces violence in all forms” through a social media post on X.

“We are aware of the unacceptable posts made by an Air Canada pilot. We are taking this matter very seriously, and he was taken out of service on Mon, Oct. 9,” the post stated.

“We did this because this individual’s opinions and publications on social media do not represent Air Canada’s views in any way,” Fitzpatrick told The Toronto Sun. “This person has never been authorized to speak publicly while identifying themselves as an Air Canada employee,” he added.

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