Tragic Turn of Events: Suchana Seth’s Interrogation and Shocking Post-Mortem Revelation

Suchana Seth was caught from Karnataka’s Chitradurga district while allegedly trying to flee in a cab with her son’s body stuffed in a bag.
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In a heartbreaking turn of events, the police investigation into the case of Suchana Seth, a Bengaluru-based start-up CEO accused of murdering her four-year-old son in a Goa hotel, has taken a chilling twist. The details emerging from Seth’s police questioning and the subsequent post-mortem examination reveal that the young boy was “smothered,” and the crime occurred at least 36 hours before it was discovered.

The Post-Mortem Revelation:

Dr. Kumar Naik, a government doctor in Karnataka who conducted the post-mortem, disclosed, “The child was killed more than 36 hours earlier. He has been smothered or strangulated. There are no wounds or signs of struggle. There may be the use of a pillow or a wire.” The absence of rigor mortis, the stiffening of limbs due to chemical changes in muscles, further indicates that the alleged murder took place over a day earlier.

Arrest and Attempted Escape:

Seth was apprehended in Karnataka’s Chitradurga district as she allegedly attempted to flee in a cab with her son’s lifeless body concealed in a bag. The police, unraveling the tragic details, have now shed light on the gruesome nature of the crime.

Police Officer’s Account:

A senior police officer involved in the interrogation shared, “The child was smothered, possibly using a pillow from the service apartment.” The absence of a visible murder weapon raised questions, but it was revealed that Seth had allegedly attempted to end her own life by slitting her wrists with a pair of scissors. Blood samples have been collected for a DNA test to verify this claim.

Deceptive Explanations:

When questioned about the bloodstains discovered in her hotel room, initially attributed to menstruation, Seth claimed she would pay for the cleaning. However, the preliminary investigation exposed that the bloodstains were a result of injuries she sustained.

Marital Discord and Custody Battle:

The police revealed that Seth’s marriage to Venkat Raman in 2010 had encountered difficulties, especially after the birth of their son in 2019. The couple separated, and divorce proceedings were underway. A family court in Bengaluru had recently granted custody to the father every Sunday, a directive Seth allegedly resisted for the past five weeks.

The Tragic Weekend in Goa:

It appears that Seth had traveled to Goa over the weekend, potentially to ensure her son remained in her custody for another week, defying the court order.

Seth’s Defense:

During questioning, Seth maintained her innocence, claiming her son was asleep, and she had no knowledge of how he died.


The unfolding tragedy surrounding Suchana Seth’s alleged involvement in her son’s death has shocked the community. As the investigation continues, the intricacies of the case highlight the complexities of personal relationships and the tragic consequences that can ensue.

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