Unraveling the Predicament: Medical College Admissions Under Threat of Cancellation

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The realm of medical education in India is currently witnessing a storm of uncertainty as the National Medical Commission (NMC) delves into the verification of records for 1.04 lakh admissions. Students who secured MBBS seats through individual colleges, as opposed to the centralized online counseling system, now face the ominous threat of admission cancellation.


In a bid to combat the pervasive practice of “seat buying,” where colleges allocated leftover seats to students further down the merit list for higher fees, the NMC had mandated that even the last “stray vacancy or mop-up rounds” should be conducted online based on a centralized merit list. However, it appears that some colleges may have deviated from this directive.

The Verification Process:

The NMC is meticulously scrutinizing the records of 1.04 lakh admissions to identify those that were conducted offline. Despite finding these students on the final list of admitted candidates, the NMC asserts that their admissions remain provisional until the verification process is completed. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the medical education community.

Show-Cause Notices and Strict Actions:

In response to this discrepancy, the NMC has issued show-cause notices to colleges that failed to adhere to the mandated online counseling process. Officials clarify that students admitted through the proper online channels will not be affected, but those who took the offline route face the imminent risk of cancellation.

Counseling Bodies’ Involvement:

To discern the authenticity of admissions, the NMC has reached out to all counseling bodies, urging them to furnish details of students admitted through the centralized merit list. The Medical Counselling Committee handles 15% of MBBS seats in the central quota, while the remaining 85% is under the purview of state authorities. The final list of candidates will undergo stringent verification to eliminate any fraudulent admissions.

Precedent and Consequences:

This is not the first instance of the NMC taking decisive action to uphold the integrity of medical admissions. Earlier in the year, nearly 600 students saw their admissions invalidated for reasons such as late enrollment or unauthorized admissions by individual colleges. A special mop-up round was subsequently conducted to fill the resultant vacancies.


As the NMC intensifies its efforts to weed out irregularities in medical college admissions, the stakes are high for students whose admissions are under scrutiny. The unfolding situation underscores the importance of adherence to established procedures, signaling a firm commitment to maintaining the fairness and credibility of the medical education system in India.

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