Former Delhi Minister Rajkumar Chauhan Resigns from Congress, Denies Plans to Join Another Party

Chauhan is under fire for allegedly mobilising a section of Congress workers against its North West Delhi candidate, Udit Raj.
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In a significant setback for the Congress party in Delhi, former Cabinet minister Rajkumar Chauhan tendered his resignation on Wednesday, citing public disrespect from party officials overseeing the Lok Sabha elections in the city. Chauhan’s departure comes amidst allegations of mobilizing Congress workers against Udit Raj, the party’s North West Delhi Lok Sabha candidate.

Chauhan, a four-time MLA and thrice Delhi Cabinet minister, confirmed his resignation to The Indian Express, asserting that he has no intentions of joining any other political party. Instead, he demanded action against what he referred to as “outsiders” fielded by the Congress for the upcoming elections.

Sources within the party indicate that Chauhan’s resignation might trigger a series of departures, predominantly among senior Delhi leaders, within the next 24 to 48 hours. A senior Congress figure clarified that those departing might not necessarily align with another party but could unite to form a new political entity to combat corruption in Delhi.

Chauhan has been criticized for allegedly orchestrating opposition among Congress workers against Udit Raj. During the official introduction of Delhi’s three Lok Sabha candidates to the media, protesters voiced their dissent with slogans like “Bahari ummeedwar nahi chalega” (an outsider candidate will not be allowed), condemning Raj’s past affiliation with the BJP till 2019.

Explaining his decision to resign, Chauhan recounted a meeting where he and other leaders were allegedly denied the opportunity to express their opinions. He emphasized the importance of giving Lok Sabha tickets to deserving local candidates rather than outsiders.

Despite his resignation, Chauhan clarified that his immediate focus is on holding the party’s candidate accountable. He reiterated his stance against fielding outsider candidates in Delhi.

Chauhan’s resignation echoes his departure from the Congress in May 2019 after being denied a Lok Sabha ticket. However, he had rejoined the party just a year later, ahead of the 2020 Delhi Assembly elections.

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