Horror Unveiled: Call Centre Exploitation in Muzaffarpur

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In a disturbing saga from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, a call centre operation turned into a nightmare for unsuspecting women recruited under false pretenses.

DBR Networking lured applicants via social media with promises of a lucrative job opportunity, specifically targeting women. Upon arrival in Muzaffarpur and paying ₹20,000 for training, around 150 women were subjected to mental torture, fraud, and, shockingly, allegations of rape and forced abortions.

According to an FIR filed by a survivor, the women were coerced into making scam calls and faced severe repercussions for failing to meet targets. The survivor detailed instances of rape by Tilak Kumar Singh, one of the accused, who allegedly forced her into multiple abortions.

Nine individuals, including Manish Kumar Singh from Noida as the prime accused, have been named in the FIR. Tilak Kumar Singh has been arrested, with efforts underway to apprehend the others.

Superintendent of Police Awadhesh Dixit confirmed the arrest, stating, “Tilak Kumar has been taken into custody from Gorakhpur… The survivor’s ordeal involved prolonged assault and abuse.”

As investigations continue, the case sheds light on the exploitation and abuse faced by vulnerable women, underscoring the need for stringent measures to prevent such heinous crimes.

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