VK Sasikala declares her comeback to politics, vows to revive AIADMK

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“It’s not over for AIADMK as my entry has begun,” she declared, signaling her intention to revive the party.

Previously the influential general secretary of AIADMK, Sasikala, known affectionately as ‘Chinamma’ (mother’s younger sister) by party loyalists, vowed to lead AIADMK to victory in the 2026 Assembly elections. “We will form Amma’s (Jayalalithaa) government in 2026, and that too with an absolute majority,” she proclaimed.

Sasikala attributed the Lok Sabha defeat to “certain selfish people” within the party, stating, “I’ve been patiently watching all this.” Emphasizing the principles of party founder MG Ramachandran, she expressed a commitment to forgiveness and unity.

Despite the recent electoral setback, Sasikala remained optimistic about AIADMK’s future. “The time has come, don’t worry. The people of Tamil Nadu are with us. I am very strong on this point,” she asserted.

She also announced plans for an upcoming yatra to engage with the public and rally support for AIADMK.

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