JD Majethia’s Apology to Shah Rukh Khan: A Candid Revelation

JD Majethia admits pulling a media stunt in front of Shah Rukh Khan's Mannat.
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JD Majethia, renowned for his roles in the beloved series Khichdi, recently opened up about a memorable publicity stunt he orchestrated outside Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat to promote Khichdi: The Movie back in 2010. As a producer of the film, Majethia shared candid details of the incident and his subsequent interactions with the Bollywood superstar.

A Bold Media Stunt

Speaking on Radio Nasha, Majethia admitted, “We did a media stunt to promote our film. We went in front of Mannat hoping to catch Shah Rukh sir’s attention.” With cameras in tow and the film’s cast in high spirits, they aimed to garner Shah Rukh’s endorsement for their transition from television to the big screen.

Unexpected Turn of Events

Despite their efforts, Shah Rukh was not present at Mannat during their visit. However, fate had other plans. Majethia recalled, “Shah Rukh got to know about us later and came to meet us at a press conference. He talked about our film and supported us graciously.”

Apology and Gratitude

Reflecting on the stunt, Majethia expressed regret, “I am sorry Shah Rukh ji for the stunt at Mannat without informing you.” Yet, he was grateful for Shah Rukh’s kindness and support, acknowledging, “He is such a good fellow. He came to meet us at the film’s press conference, spoke warmly to us, and endorsed our film.”

Continuing Admiration

Majethia’s admiration for Shah Rukh Khan extended beyond Khichdi: The Movie. He revealed his desire to invite Shah Rukh to distribute trophies for Wagle Ki Duniya’s 1000th episode, a show rich with legendary talent and inspired by RK Laxman’s work. Despite not connecting due to Shah Rukh’s busy schedule, Majethia’s respect for the superstar remains undiminished.

Final Thoughts

JD Majethia’s candid recounting of his experiences with Shah Rukh Khan reflects genuine admiration and appreciation. Despite initial unconventional attempts, his respect for Shah Rukh’s stature and accomplishments shines through, emphasizing the enduring impact of Bollywood’s iconic figures on entertainment culture.

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